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Conscious Conversion is a weekly podcast about how we bridge the gap between business and spirit, money and meaning, technology and regeneration in a wildly changing world. In a time of so much polarity and uncertainty, this podcast explores how together we are connecting across the planet, across our differences and across dimensions as we build the New Earth together.

Mar 27, 2020

Over the last few weeks, things have shifted radically in our world as we are all being impacted by the coronavirus epidemic.

Businesses everywhere are feeling the strain. Online businesses certainly have some major privileges right now, but everything we do is being called into question.

Should we even be marketing...

Mar 19, 2020

Marketing a visual product with a focus on our heart and soul, while also helping people connect with themselves is a big achievement. Our guest has done it successfully by leading with openness, vulnerability, and intention. 


Why are ads important in this process? Why is gratitude something that should drive our...

Mar 12, 2020

One of the big things we stand for is resonating with our audience on a deep level instead of just selling to them, and we can do this effectively in the middle of the funnel. What should our goals be at the center point of our funnel? What are the types of content we can put out to connect with people? On this episode,...

Mar 5, 2020

As entrepreneurs whose operations are often self-directed, our businesses can suffer due to our changing levels of energy and inspiration. 

What are the structures we can put into place to ensure our continued success even when we don’t have the energy to drive it? 

How do we surround ourselves with people who can...