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Conscious Conversion is the weekly podcast where soulful thought leaders share how they are reaching people online, resonating with their audience and converting clients who LOVE them. Hosted by Sara Yamtich, the founder of Resonate with Sara, a Facebook and Instagram ads agency.

If you’re ready to scale up your business but you feel like something in your marketing just isn’t resonating - with you OR the people you want to reach - this podcast is for you.

You’ll learn how to align your body, mind and soul so you nurture and resonate with your audience. It’s a process we like to call Conscious Conversion, and it’s the secret sauce to reach, resonate and consciously convert customers who LOVE you.

Jul 14, 2022

Today I am joined my the magical spirit Beth Weinstein. Together we dive into the world of plant medicine and their role as we build the New Earth. Beth spontaneously reached an expanded state of consciousness experience at just 8 years old and her life was never the same. Years later she then came across the world of plant medicine and she soon began integrating their wisdom into her work. In this conversation we hear about Beth’s mission in helping healers and teachers get their work out to bigger audiences to create quantum shifts in the planet and we also get Beth’s take on how she is entering into right relationship with these sacred plants and their potent medicine.

Conscious Conversion is a weekly podcast about how we bridge the gap between business and spirit, money and meaning, technology and regeneration in a wildly changing world. In a time of so much polarity and uncertainty, this podcast explores how together we are connecting across the planet, across our differences and across dimensions as we build the New Earth together.

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