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Conscious Conversion is a weekly podcast about how we bridge the gap between business and spirit, money and meaning, technology and regeneration in a wildly changing world. In a time of so much polarity and uncertainty, this podcast explores how together we are connecting across the planet, across our differences and across dimensions as we build the New Earth together.

Oct 20, 2022

Today's guest, Chanti Zakariasen, is a messaging and marketing genius. She is a brilliant copywriter and the Quiz Queen. In fact, she creates an entire hero's journey with lead-generation quizzes. I've got one myself called "What Kind of Paradigm Shifter Are You?", in case you haven't taken it yet. ;)

Anyway, my girl Chanti is launching her signature course called Grow with Quizzes, and you can get a taste of her brilliance on this episode... and on her upcoming free training called Quiz Quest. This is an affiliate link, so definitely use that and tell Chanti you heard it from me.

Quiz Quest

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